The disappearance of a 13-year-old girl in South Carolina in 1975 took police on a sickening journey into the world of serial killer Donald ‘Pee Wee’ Gaskins. While investigating the disappearance, police found two graveyards, one containing six corpses, the other two. With the assistance of one-time associate, Walter Neely, the police identified Gaskins as the contract killer in all cases. Gaskins had strong connections to the underworld. Using truth serum, Gaskins admitted to 13 killings and was sentenced to eight life terms. Unrepentant, Gaskins accepted another contract while in prison, this time to kill Rudolph Tyner. He rigged up an intercom packed with dynamite and blew off the side of Tyner’s head. For this Gaskins was finally sent to the electric chair on September 6, 1991, but not before admitting to 100+ murders.


These types of serial killers commit incomprehensible murders, leaving, behind chaotic crime scenes. They often leave behind an abundance physical evidence, but their victims frequently seem to fit no comprehensible pattern. That is because the killer’s mind is completely disconnected from reality: Voices and visions drive the offender to kill for reasons secreted in the recesses of his madness. Sometimes these types of offenders are completely nonfunctional in society, living alone and having no contact with other people. In other cases, the offenders have episodic breaks with reality during which they kill hut otherwise appear harmless or at worst, eccentric, to those around them. Most visionary serial killers genuinely suffer from mental illness and some are schizophrenic or psychotic.

While almost all serial killers have a disturbed or difficult childhood to some degree, visionary killers might grow up in completely normal, supportive family settings. Because mental illness such as schizophrenia often first manifests itself in late adolescence or early adulthood, visionary killers are often young. The visionary killer selects his victims at random in a logic often indiscernible to an investigator. They often kill close to home because of their disturbed state of mind, they are unlikely to venture very far. 


You will never be as manly as this grandpa from 1943


Bronze Dagger

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Medium: bronze
  • Measurements: overall length 23 cm

The handle of the dagger is ornate with a skeleton around which a snake is coiled.

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School Shooter TJ Lane hand tracing.

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